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Why Work With Mimi & Friends Travel Services ?

Instead of asking how much it will cost to work with a Travel Agent, 

you should ask yourself: How VALUABLE is your own time?

On any given day, an experienced Travel Agent will already have the answers to the questions you spent hours to find on Google. We do this work every day. Our Travel Agents use their knowledge and experience to fine tune itineraries to allow you to enjoy the most immersive vacation with the least amount of your time spent planning. Mimi & Friends Travel Services is trained & accredited by the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). At Mimi & Friends Travel Services, we are precise because we are well trained, planning hundreds of itineraries, compared to someone who may plan one or two trips per year. Under normal circumstances, one of our experienced, Travel Agents can make travel planning easier and enhance your vacation enjoyment right from the beginning of the planning stage. Give us an opportunity to be of service to you … “We will do you good on your journey!”


What if I don’t want to pay a Travel Agent to do the research for me?

Post-pandemic travel regulations can often be mind-boggling. Making an error in your booking or not having someone on hand to help you if things go wrong; can cost you much more in the long run than the minimal service fees we charge for our services. 

The $25 Booking/Research fee we charge will be credited to your reservation.

We want to form a partnership with you & become your Travel Agent for LIFE! 

Repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals are at the very core of our business success. Using an expert, Travel Professional at Mimi & Friends Travel Services will take the stress out of planning your vacation so that all you have to do is…Pack your bags, Relax & Enjoy the journey!


What is included when I use a Travel Agent?

At Mimi & Friends Travel Services, all our travel quotes will include:

~ $25 per adult Booking/Research Fee

~ Consultation services with an agent with over 25 years of travel experience

~ Itinerary planning for the entire trip

~ Assistance while you’re travelling

~ Pre-Departure Meeting to ensure you have everything you need in place for your trip

~ “Welcome Home” contact to get feedback on your travel experiences


Why should I book with Mimi & Friends Travel Services?

You will receive the most personalized, specialized, and exceptional customer care 

from the Independent Travel Professionals at Mimi & Friends Travel Services. 

We are a full-service, home-based, independent, minority owned & operated, 

Travel Agency. We excel at providing extraordinary, customer service 

and treat each potential travel client like family. Mimi & Friends Travel Services 

specializes in planning vacations of a lifetime for individuals, family reunions, 

honeymoons, small or large groups. We can help you coordinate a trip by Cruise Ship 

or an All-Inclusive Resort package that fits your realistic travel budget. 

 If you are planning an upcoming vacation, contact a Mimi & Friends Travel Advisor 

so we can help you plan your next, amazing, adventure. 

 Working with one of our Travel Agents, can save you both time and money. 

 Let us reduce the stress that comes along with travel planning.


At Mimi & Friends Travel..."We will do you good on your journey!"

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